Pema Gyalwo Gurung of Bauli, Badimalika Municipality-8, who is a tuberculosis patient and is also paralyzed, has been living in a tent under vulnerable circumstances since seven months. To add to his woes, the Gyalwo family has no financial means to support his treatment.

Pema and his family used to rear two mules in a bid to earn bread and butter. However, as Pema fell ill, the mules were given to others for rearing, a local resident shared.

Local Tani Thapa said that the neighbours had collected some money and helped him get treated at the District Hospital.

However, the hospital referred Pema to another hospital with better facility so as to ensure he received appropriate treatment.

According to his daughter, Anjali, Pema cannot move on his own and needs support in order to conduct routine chores as well.

His wife Dawa Sangu Gurung had died one year ago after she fell off a cliff, Thapa shared.

After her death, Pema has been living with two daughters. Due to the dire financial conditions of the family, the children have not been able to attend school.

Badimalika Municipality-8 has been helping the family with food. Unfortunately, Pema has not been able to receive any treatment as the procedure requires huge sum, Chair of the ward, Prakash Rawal stated.

Rawal has therefore made an appeal to all to step forward and provide financial support to the family so that Pema can get treatment and his daughters can go to school.