Budhiganga Municipality has started farmers' pension programme in Bajura.

According to Mayor Dipak Bikram Shah, the farmers' pension programme has started with the distribution of pension identity cards.

The municipality said it had distributed farmers' pension ID cards to 37 farmers involved in agriculture and animal husbandry. As per the decision of the municipality, 37 farmers will receive Rs 1,000 each every month. They will be paid the amount via bank. "The municipality has decided to provide Rs 1,000 in pension to the farmers to lure them into agriculture and animal husbandry," Mayor Shah said.

According to Administrative Officer Premkaji Maharjan, a farmer is required to plant crops in three ropani land, rear 40 sheep or goats, have 1,000 broilers or layers and 200 local chickens to be eligible to get pension.

The municipality has set the rule for monitoring farmers every month before sanctioning the pension.

Agriculture Knowledge Centre Bajura information Officer Min Prasad Jaishi said this was the first model programme being implemented in the country. "This programme will encourage farmers to be professional and make the profession of agriculture respectable," said Jaishi.