Gaumul Rural Municipality of Bajura district organised a three-day mentorship programme to help young entrepreneurs develop skills for better employment opportunities in the future.

The programme with the slogan "I, the youth, pride of Gaumul" was held in Ghatmuna in the rural municipality with an aim to encourage entrepreneurship among young people. Over 200 youths from all six wards of the rural municipality attended the programme.

Chief Administrative Officer of the rural municipality Jagadish Prasad Bhatta said that the meet was organised with an expectation to motivate creative and energetic younger population so that they can fearlessly bypass obstacles. "We want to establish the belief that the youth should struggle at a young age and rise above wrong practices," added Bhatta.

Likewise, rural municipality chairperson Hari Rokaya said that the meet was organised to have broad discussions on issues related to common problems faced by youths in order to empower them. Rokaya also stressed on promoting required skills among the young generation to maximise their potential.

Experts Himmat Lekali and Ganesh Rawat facilitated the programme that was organised to strengthen the role of the rural municipality's youth.