Bajura women becoming aware of nutritional values, eating habits

Bajura, July 15

Women are becoming more aware of the nutritive value of food and eating practices in Bajura.

Bindra Rawal of Badimalika Municipality was unaware of nutrition when she gave birth to her first child. She was not allowed to eat green vegetables, fruits, fish, meat and eggs due to the conservative mindset. “I recently gave birth to my second child. This time around, I am getting adequate nutritious food items,” Rawal added.

According to her, governmental and non-governmental organisations were educating women on nutrition and healthy eating habits.

Juna Rawal, who was earlier ignorant about nutrition, is helping other women in the village understand the importance of nutrition and nutritive food items. The women have formed a nutrition group, which regularly disseminates information about the significance of nutrition for both the mother and child.

Health volunteer Thuma Padhyay of Badimalika Municipality said the nutrition group advises pregnant women about healthy diet to be taken during pregnancy and ways to make nutritious meals at home in the presence of health professionals.

The ‘Golden One Thousand Day’ programme also has helped women groups gather information about nutritive food value and eating practices.

Women and Children Office Bajura Assistant Inspector Bindu Badal said the pregnant women and children in the district were miserable in terms of nutrition. “Children were malnourished and women were also suffering,” Badal said, adding, women were gradually becoming more aware of the inclusion of nutrition in their daily meals.