Bajura women live with health problems for years due to poverty

BAJURA: Peuli Bohora (75) of Dahachok-8 in Bajura district recently underwent a uterine surgery 20 years after she had the uterine prolapse. Like Bohora, many people in remote villages of the district are living with various diseases for years, thanks to poverty, lack of awareness and geographical difficulties.

Bohora says she was reluctant to seek treatment as she did not know its effects and lack of money.

"Treatment within the district was impossible earlier," she shares, "Then, I continued living with the problem as I could not afford going outside for treatment."

However, a gynaecologist was appointed at the District Hospital recently and she underwent the surgery as it was available within the district.

There are many women like Bohora in the district.

Ghiru Luwar (62) from Badhu-9 says she has been experiencing pain in her uterus for many years, but has not treated it owing to lack of money.

A mother of seven, she shares that she has been feeling pain in the uterus since the birth of the third child.

"We do not have enough money even to feed the family," she questions, "So, how can we afford treatment?"

Earlier, the Kolti Primary Health Centre had suggested visiting health facilities in Nepalgunj for the treatment, but she could not seek the right treatment for lack of money, according to Luwar.

There are many such women in Rugin, Bichhaya, Sappata, Gotri, Dahachok and Manakot villages of the district, according to health officials.