Bajura's Olena village at risk of landslide, flood

BAJURA: Olena village in Badimalika Municipality-4 of Bajura district is at the risk of landslide and flood. The swollen Budhiganga River has eroded the earth while there is also the risk of landslides that could occur from two sides of the village.

It has been reported that 87 people of 12 families have been displaced.

Local residents have been facing the problem since the river has eroded the land while the houses are at the risk of being swept away by landslides, local Narendra Nath said. The villagers have lost contact with the district headquarters Martadi as the bailey bridge over the river have been swept away by the flood.

Moreover, the landslides have obstructed the path disrupting movement to and from the district headquarters, according to deputy mayor of Badimalika, Kabita Bista.  The part of Sanfe-Martadi road section that runs through the village along the bank of Budhiganga River has been buried by landslide debris.

Prior to this, Ajaytodki village in Gaumul Rural Municipality-2 in the district has been cut-off from the rest of the country since the Budhiganga River swept away a bailey bridge at Jadanga along the road section.