Ballot papers torn during vote count in Bharatpur sent to SC today

CHITWAN: Chitwan District Administration and Chief Returning Officer’s Office today have sent the ballot papers torn during vote counting of ward 19 of Bharaput Metropolis to the Supreme Court as per its directives last week on Tuesday.

The Chief Returning Officer’s Office agreed to airlift the ballot papers after sealing them on the 8:15 flight on Tuesday, during an all-party meeting, in Bharatpur on Sunday, as per Assistant Election Officer Gambhir Ghimire.

Chief Returning Officer Kabil Prasad Neupane, Assistant Election Officer Ghimire and Sub inspector of Police Govinda Shrestha along with torn ballot papers departed the Bharatpur Airport on Buddha Air Flight no. 360 9NAIT for Kathmandu at 8:15 am today.

Ghimire informed that the ballot papers would be handed over to the SC today itself.

The apex court had issued a directive directing Bharatpur Metropolis to dispatch the torn ballot papers within a week on June 20. A joint bench of Acting Chief Justice Gopal Prasad Parajuli and justice Hari Krishna Karki had issued the order last Tuesday.

The cadres of CPN-MC had torn some ballots at Ward 19 of the metropolis while the vote counting was underway after the first phase of polls.