Ban on use of mobile phones in classes

Biratnagar, November 11:

Now on, the schoolteachers in Morang will not be allowed to make use of mobile phones and pagers in classes.

The district education officer, Sushil Pande, said the District Education Office (DEO) and the Education Helpline (EH), Biratnagar, took this decision for the first time in the district today.

Representatives of the Private and Boarding Schools’ Organisation, Nepal (PABSON), N-PABSON and different teachers’ unions had participated at an interaction in Biratnagar today. The EH had requested the DEO to ban the use of mobile phones and pagers in classrooms yesterday.

“We began this campaign as students and guardians complained that teachers were disturbing classes by using mobile phones in classrooms,” said Rajendra Dhakal, the EH president.

The DEO Morang will write to district-based schools on Sunday, directing all the teachers not to use mobile phones and pagers in classrooms.

According to a recent study carried out by the EH, 286 teaches have been using either mobile phones or pagers in schools in Morang.

“Similar campaigns will be launched in other districts as well if the campaign becomes successful here,” said Dhakal.

“Such decisions will be more effective in private schools,” said Tika Uprety, the president of PABSON Morang chapter.