Bara factory poses serious health risks for locals

Bara, December 31

Life in Kalaiya Sub-metropolitan City and its surroundings has been adversely affected due to dust, smoke and chemicals from the local Reliance Sugar and Chemical factory, in Bara.

Residents of Ghatshreepur, Bidhyanagar, Sano Materiya, Uttar Jhitkaiya, Brahmapuri, Majhauliya, among a dozen other human settlements

have been affected by air and water pollution caused by the factory.

Chandan Kushwaha, a local, said the villagers had been facing health hazards due to dust and smoke along with chemical-contaminated water from the industry. “The locals have been suffering from eye and respiratory problems due to pollution,” he said.

Kushwaha added that even cattle had fallen ill due to the polluted water.

The Armed Police Force post at Uttar Jhitkaiya and Brahmapuri-based Chandannath Battalion of Nepali Army along with locals have been pressing the industry administration to control pollution.

The locals complained that the concerned authority was not responding to their frequent request. Colonel Santosh Karki of Chandannath Battalion of the NA said pollution was bringing about grave health consequences for locals. “The authorities concerned have to pay attention to this, in time,” he added.

The Bangadi River was polluted as chemical-borne water from the industry directly gets mixed into the river. Karki said some army men fell ill due to the polluted water and foul smell from the factory.

Armed Police Force Superintendent of Police Benup Prasad Pathak said APF personnel were also having the same problem. He said the factory operators had paid no attention to resolve the problem even though they held frequent discussion with them. He added that the industry should operate only after ensuring that it followed basic environmental standards.

Meanwhile, the industry’s proprietor and former lawmaker Raj Kumar Gadiya, however, claimed that the factory had not created any environmental problems. He added that thousands of sugarcane farmers had, instead, benefited from the industry. Gadiya said there were no public health issues due to the industry.