Beware of left alliance, warns RPP Chair Thapa

Pokhara, November 23

Rastriya Prajatantra Party Chairperson and Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Energy Kamal Thapa argued that the left alliance wanted to establish communism through presidential system by ending the parliamentary system in the country.

Addressing an election meeting of his party in Pokhara of Kaski on Thursday, Thapa appealed to the public to beware of the left alliance as they were thinking of garnering two-thirds majority in the elections and imposing communism on the country.

“This election is not among parties, but between the democratic and communist alliances. RPP is in line to establish its political doctrine as per the spirit of federalism to strengthen democracy besides maintaining harmony among the people of Tarai, hills and mountains.

We are in favour of maintaining constitutional monarchy by amending the statute,” said RPP Chair Thapa.

“As more than 81 per cent population of the country are Hindus. The Hindu state has been in peril due to secularism. No force should have the intention of spoiling harmony among people of different castes and religions in the country,” he said.

Meanwhile, he slammed the big forces and held them responsible for the poor economy, lack of employment opportunity and the alarming rate of brain drain the country has been facing for long.