'Bhaiyaduj' festival being celebrated with gusto in Mithilanchal today

KATHMANDU: People across Mithilanchal region including Mahottari district are celebrating 'Bhaiyaduj' festival today. Women wish for their brothers' longevity in this festival.

Early in the morning, women perform dancing on folk songs at various intersections of the street. Thereafter,  they crush the mixture of cow dung and peas termed as 'Bajari' in a mortar with a pestle. Sisters then welcome their brothers in the courtyard and put garland around their neck and give a treat of varieties of sweets mixed with Bajari as they cast spell on them reciting "Eat Bajari and be strong like it, unless you make a donation to me, be poor". In return, brothers make a gift of jewellery, clothes among other valuable items to their sisters.

Bhaiyaduj festival is celebrated with fervour in Mithilanchal.

(With inputs from Rastriya Samachar Samiti)