Bhandari accuses UNMIN of biases

DANG: Defence Minister Bidhayadevi Bhandari accused the United Nations Mission in Nepal (UNMIN) of not being able to play impartial and neutral role and provoking Maoists to behave irrationally and violently.

Inaugurating Joint District Conference of six different sister organisations aligned with CPN-UML in the district, Bhandari said UN was showing leniency toward the UCPN-Maoist.

"The UN has been embracing amiss policy in recognising and comprehending Maoists" she added.

Outspoken critic of Maoist, Bhandari blamed that UNMIN had been exhibiting irresponsible and unaccountable role in providing number of the Maoist combatants who had deserted the cantonments. "In my point of view, only 2 to 3 percent of the PLA personnel verified by the UNMIN are qualified" Bhandari alleged.

Accusing Maoists of violating the Comprehensive Peace Accord, Defence Minister said, "The government alone is not obliged to comply the CPA but both the parties should be responsible to abide by the peace accord".

Claiming that Maoists have been hell-bent on capturing the government first and the state later, she suggested that Maoists have to abjure violence, intimidation and coercion if they wish peace to prevail.

"They are not democratic in any matter. They cannot lead the government unless they dissolve paramilitary structure of the Young communist League," she said.

Commenting on the escalating criminal activities in the country, she claimed that restrictions put on Nepal Army by CPA and low morale of the Nepal Police was responsible for growing crimes across the country.