Bharatpur Hospital struggling to manage cadavers

CHITWAN, July 27

Bharatpur Hospital is having a hard time in managing unclaimed corpses that have landed in the hospital over time.

As per rule, the local body is responsible for managing unclaimed bodies. However, it has failed to do its bit and the hospital finds itself at the receiving end.

The hospital receives unclaimed bodies of persons who die by drowning in the river, in accidents, and in the course of treatment at health facilities.

According to hospital sources, it receives on an average 15 bodies a month. Besides receiving unclaimed bodies from local health facilities, the hospital also accepts unidentified bodies from adjoining districts.

“Though the hospital morgue can accommodate only a maximum of 10 bodies, we have been dealing with more corpses. The bodies are hard to manage and pollute the hospital environment,” said Dr Maniklal Pradhan, medical superintendent at the hospital.