Bhattarai advises Tharus, hill people to settle issues

Dhangadhi, October 7

Former Prime Minister Babu Ram Bhattarai today said that supporters of the intact far-west and Tharuhat/ Tharuwan Struggle Committee required to settle their row through mutual discussion.

Speaking at a protest meeting organised by agitating Tharuhat/ Tharuwan Struggle Committee at Masuriya of Kailali today, Bhattarai said the clash between Tharu and people from hill communities emerged because of the intervention of other forces.

“As people of both communities people had been living in mutual harmony and fraternity for hundreds of years, they required to maintain similar relations in future as well,” Bhattarai said.

He also said it was not possible to nullify the constitution as it had already been promulgated. However, it can be amended as per the need of the hour and people.

“I am one of the lawmakers. I was also directly involved in drafting it. Though there are many loopholes, I also put my signature to it. Hence, I am here to beg your pardon,” he said, while addressing the meeting.

He also stressed that the government was prejudiced against the far-west and Tharu community. “Hence, those regions and communities, which have been discriminated should not clash with each other. Rather, they should unite seeking their rights and opportunities,” Bhattarai said. He clarified that he had quit the his party the Unified CPN-Maoist with the intention of setting up a new force as such a force was required to enter a new era.