Bhattarai calls for decisive agitation


Janata Samaj Party-Nepal Federal Council Chairperson Baburam Bhattarai has stressed the need of a decisive struggle to protect democracy and the constitution.

Accusing Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli of putting the constitution and democracy at risk by dissolving the Parliament pre-maturely, the JSP-NFC chair’s said, “The PM has put the charter and democracy in harm’s way through his reckless dissolution, so it’s high time we launched yet another agitation, a decisive one this time, to save both democracy and the charter.”

The former PM’s comments came while addressing a meeting with his party cadres in Damauli, on his way to Gorkha, today.

Bhattarai claimed that the PM had acted against the constitution at the behest of anti-democratic elements.

“Apparently he was not a fan of federalism and inclusiveness from early on. What we’ve seen today is nothing but the upshot of his attitude towards these agendas,” he reasoned.

Further, reiterating the need for all people to descend to the street to fight against the totalitarianism of the government, the JSP-NFC leader warned that people would have to regret later if they fail to act in time to protect the heard-earned political gains.

The former prime minister also alleged that Nepali Congress was adopting the dual policy of accepting the polls and also seeking reinstatement of the Parliament.

The JSP-NFC chair said he had lately set out on a countrywide tour in order to make cadres aware of the illegitimacy of the PM’s move and to prepare them to counter the ill-intended move. He also called on all democratic forces to be united for the sake of safeguarding the achievements so far gained and to keep the country safe from crisis.