Locals of Rukum West are organising a rally in memory of Nawaraj BK and friends, who were killed in Chaurjahari in an act of caste-based violence, and as a symbol against caste-based practices prevalent in the country.

The "Bheri Pratirodh March" will begin along the banks of Bheri River on May 24, exactly two years after the Chaurjahari incident, in coordination with Karnali Theatre.

According to organisers, the protest rally will stand against all the atrocities that have happened to, and are happening to Dalit community. The event is organised also to reveal the truth behind the Chaujahari killings, to define justice against those who suffered, and hold the government accountable for its inaction.

The event will comprise of various programmes such as poem recitation, singing songs, drama, Khandbari conference, among others.

On the day, two years ago, a Dalit youth Nawaraj BK and his 19 friends, who were going to help him marry his girlfriend from the so called upper-caste and bring her home, were brutally murdered.

Preliminary investigations suggested that a group of people led by the ward chair had attacked the group upon their arrival at the Soti village in Chaurjahari Municipality, leading to them losing their lives.

Even though investigations, searches and actions have been conducted against the culprits, such cases are prevalent (either behind the scenes or in open) till date.

People from Dalit community continue to face discrimination on daily basis, even in the capital, despite claims of widespread social harmony, as narrated by those that do not have to bear the brunt of such injustices.


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