Damauli, August 5

Hundreds of vehicle operators, drivers and service seekers have been facing a hard time at the Bhimad-based bus park, which is in a dilapidated condition due to the lack of proper management.

The locals have been struggling with potholes, muddy roads, and unnecessary weeds around the park. The dilapidated condition of the bus park has also tarnished its beauty and surroundings.

“The bus park area has become ugly due to negligence on the part of the concerned authority,” said Bhimad Youth Club Chairperson Narayan Prasad Kafle. “We are facing a hard time due to the bus park’s miserable condition. It is not safe either,” said Nawa Raj Bastakoti, a bus driver.

Lack of public toilets has added to the bus park’s pollution. The bus park doesn’t have a single public toilet on its premises. “Passengers have been fed up,” said another bus driver, Resham Thapa.

The bus park, which spreads over an area of 15 ropanis , turns muddy during monsoon whereas it turns dusty during the winter season. It is also at high risk of erosion from the Seti River, according to the locals.

Local Shring Bus Entrepreneurs Committee Officials said they had failed to manage the bus park due to budget crunch.