Bhimduttanagar Municipality, FWU sign MoU on partnership

KANCHANPUR: The Far Western University and Bhimduttanagar Municipality, Kanchanpur, have signed a mutual collaboration agreement on providing skilled human resources and collaborating on conducting educational research and internship for students.

Bhimduttanagar Municipality Mayor Surendra Bista and FWU Vice-Chancellor Prof Bhusan Shrestha signed the agreement on behalf their respective institutions at the University’s central office.

With the signing of the agreement, Far-west University human resources can be involved in the management and strengthening of the municipality office, in the development projects, education and studies, research and public awareness programmes.

As per the agreement made for two years, Bhimduttanagar Municipality shall also provide human resources and financial support to the university as per the need.

Mayor Bista and Vice-chancellor Shrestha expressed the confidence that the agreement would promote development and therefore would be mutually beneficial to the two bodies.

FWU registrar Dwijraj Bhatta on the occasion shared that the university has entered into agreement for mutual collaboration in various areas with the Jawaharlal Nehru University of India, the Netra Jyoti Sangh Kailali, Geta, the Mid-Western University and the Language Commission among other bodies.