Bhojpur wants capable, competent persons

Bhojpur, June 12

Voters from Bhojpur said that they would cast their ballot for capable candidates in the second phase of civic polls slated for June 28.

While political parties and their leaders are busy campaigning, voters said they would not vote for their near and dear ones, but would choose capable and competent candidates this time around.

Ramesh Biswokarma, a local, said he would not vote not for party, but for candidates.  “This time, we will not see which party to vote for, but, we will vote for someone who can develop the village and tole,” Biswokarma added.

“In the past, we voted for the party. This time we shall not carry the party flag, but search for capable and right candidate who can usher in change in the village,” said another voter Krishna Pradhan.

With the second round of local level elections date drawing close, election fever has gripped the district as leaders and candidates of different parties are busy canvassing in the villages.

With seven rural municipalities and two municipalities, Bhojpur has a total of 105,554 voters. As many as 13 parties have been registered with the district election office.