Nidhi refutes 'talk' of his becoming National Assembly member

JANAKPURDHAM: Nepali Congress senior leader Bimalendra Nidhi has said that talks of his eying the National Assembly member were unfounded.

Nidhi is contesting in the House of Representatives election from Dhanusha district Constituency No. 3.

Speaking in the news conference organised in Janakpurdham today, leader Nidhi asserted that the talk that he was giving up his candidacy to become the member of the National Assembly, the upper House of Parliament, was completely false.

He urged the 'person' who said he was giving up his candidacy to himself forgo his candidacy, saying he had not given up his candidature and was still the candidate for the House of Representatives.

NC leader Nidhi asserted that the talks linking him with the National Assembly membership is baseless since he was born in Janakpur, struggled in Janakpur, has built development infrastructures and was effortful towards making Janakpur as the province capital and to set up the Rajarshi Janak University here.

Responding to a query, he said he was not in competition with anyone and that he would win in the election with more than the expected number of votes.

He urged the voters to make the Nepali Congress victorious with majority in the election in the context of bringing political stability in the country and addressing the Madhes issues.