Bina CPN MC's only female rep in House from Province 7

Dhangadi: Bina Magar, candidate of CPN Maoist Centre (MC), defeated closest competitor Diwa Singh Bista of Nepali Congress (NC) by 19,249 votes to become the only directly elected female representative in Federal Parliament from Province 7.

"The left alliance candidates from this province are determined to work for progress of this region stepping on commitments made through election manifesto and we seek support from everyone to achieve the same," Magar said, "Moreover, a help desk will be established at local level to communicate and hear their grievances and suggestions."

Magar's presence during elections was minimal as she was mourning loss of her husband, Prakash Dahal, Son of MC Chair Puspha Kamal Dahal, who passed away during campaign publicity period. However, she gained unprecedented support from public and was directly elected to the House of Representatives from Kanchanpur Constituency-1. Bina, who was once an underground cadre of the then CPN Maoist, had served a 28 month jail during the ‘People’s War’.

Province 7 saw four female candidates from left alliance and Nepali Congress contesting in the Federal Parliament elections. Nepali Congress candidate Dr Arzu Rana Deuba from Kailali Constituency-5, left alliance’s MadanKumari (Garima) Shah and Nepali Congress’ Ishwari Nepali from Kailali constituency-1 had submitted their candidacies. However, none of them made it to the House of Representatives.