Biratnagar Metropolis losing large amount in rent

Biratnagar, October 4

Biratnagar metropolis has been losing a large amount on rent as one of its commercial building was rented out at low rate.

Rooms with shutters in the building on its plot C at Budhahat Chowk is learnt to have been rented out at Rs 10,000 each, per month. The building has a total of 30 rooms with shutters. The metropolis, which had given the rooms in contract for five years through a consumer committee, will get Rs 3.193 million in rent this fiscal. On the contrary, the metropolis earns Rs 10 million annually from adjacent building with 20 rooms with shutters at plot D. The metropolis has four land plots at Budhahat Chowk.  While plots A and B have been vacated for parking, plots C and D house commercial buildings.  While the metropolis earns Rs 878,000 from the building on plot D every month, from Plot C it earns Rs 300,000 in rent during the same period.

To rent out the building on Plot C, the metropolis and the consumer committee created for the same purpose had entered a contract around three years ago. The traders, however, have complained that the rent was expensive and impractical. “The rent that the metropolis charges us is high and impractical,” said Ram Awatar Sharma, a trader. The traders occupying in the building on Plot D have lamented poor condition of road and its negative impact on their businesses. “We are thinking to move to another place as our business here has suffered due to poor road,” said a trader.