Mayor crawls to ghat to worship sun

Biratnagar, November 13

Biratnagar Metropolitan City Mayor Bhim Parajuli, who fasted during Chhath, prostrated himself from Shiv Panchayan temple at Thulimill Chowk of Biratnagar to Singhiyaghat to worship the setting sun today.

It had taken four hours for Parajuli to crawl to Singhiyaghat. Parajuli said he fasted for the happiness and prosperity of the people in the metropolis.

The mayor had embarked on the arduous job of lying prostrate at 12:00 noon today. “I gave continuity to the pious ritual I have been doing every year,” he said.

Minister for Federal Affairs and General Administration Lalbabu Pandit and Province 1  Minister for Social Development Jeevan Ghimire had met Mayor Parajuli while he was crawling to the ghat.