Biratnagar to have its own Ring Road

Biratnagar, February 22:

The much-awaited 20-kilometre long Ring Road is all set for construction in Biratnagar. The town sub-metropolis has already invested Rs 200,000 for the construction of the road.

The sub-metropolis gravelled a 13-kilometre stretch, the Katahari to Jhorahat section, a few years ago. Construction of the ring road is also mentioned in the Red Book of the National Planning Commission (NPC).

Mayor Prahlad Shah said necessary infrastructure would be managed after passing a proposal in the City Council meeting this month. Shah added that the work would be completed with financial support from the Office of Local Development, Department of Roads, NPC, and donor agencies.

Shah said the construction of the road that touches adjoining VDCs like Budhanagar, Katahari, Bhathiganj, Baiganathpur, Jhorahat, Lakhantari, Tankisinawari would be completed in phases. He said gravelling and construction of bridges falls in the first phase. A technical team from his office will present an estimate report soon.

Executive officer of the sub-metropolis, Dinesh Thapaliya said there are plans to blacktop 50 per cent of the city’s roads while the rest will be gravelled in the next five years. Chairperson of ward 6, Hari Dahal said roads and sewage are major problems, adding green zones would be created.