Black marketing of petro products up

Rukum, October 7

With petroleum products in acute shortage across country, black marketing of fuel has soared in Rukum district.

Taking advantage of the shortage, some local businessmen have started to sell petroleum products at exorbitant prices openly.

Almost all petrol pumps of the district have been closed due to insufficient supply of fuel following the blockade of border points.

Mount Everest Enterprises, an authorised dealer of fuel, has been closed for the last three weeks.

Local consumers accused the concerned authority of turning a deaf ear towards people’s plight. Black marketing has increased at Jhulneta, Solabang, Chhinkhet, Chorjahari and Radi, among other local markets of the district. The black marketers have been selling petrol at Rs 130 per litre.

Bus entrepreneur Bharat Bhattarai said black marketing was unfair and urged the concerned authority to take initiatives against such acts. Bhattarai said they had no option but to buy fuel from the black market because of the severe crisis. He said the transportation sector was in peril as the concerned authority had done nothing to overcome the ongoing crisis.

Raju Khadka, a fuel trader, said they were providing ten litres of fuel for most important vehicles. Sisne Himal Bus and Minibus Committee, Rukum, said the committee was searching for an alternative solution targeting the upcoming Dashain festival.

Sudhan Shrestha, chief of the committee, demanded action against black marketers. “We will provide service to passengers despite the crisis,” he said.