Black marketing of petroleum products goes unchecked in Rupandehi

LUMBINI: Petroleum products are reportedly being sold on the black market in various areas of Rupandehi district.

Many youths living in the bordering villages are going to India and buying petroleum products and black marketing it in Nepal for Rs 210 to Rs 350 per liters of petrol for stance. In general, one liter petrol is sold for Rs 105 on average.

The illegal act is prompted by the unofficial obstruction imposed by India on the supplies on Nepal-India border, causing acute shortage of petroleum products in Nepal.

The shortage has also encouraged substandard petroleum products being sold in the market, it has been reported.

The black marketing of petroleum products is rife in places of Rupandehi district like Belahiya, Bhairahawa Bus Park, Bangai, Marchwar and Lumbini.

The District Administration Office said that those found involved in the illegal act would be booked.