Blockade not yet over, says Mahato

Birgunj, October 4

Sadbhawana Party Chairperson Rajendra Mahato today said the blockade at Nepal-India border was not over yet and accused the media based in Kathmandu of disseminating wrong information to the public.

Organising a press meet in Birgunj today, Mahato flared up at the Kathmandu-based print media houses and television charging them of spreading wrong information about the blockade, saying that it had ended.

“We called the blockade, a large number of agitators have been staging the sit-in every day. We have not called it off yet, but the media has been spreading wrong information to the people?” he clarified.

Mahato criticised the major leaders of the three big parties accusing them of being lured by positions of power in the new government instead of working to resolve the growing concerns of the country.

He argued, “The three big parties have been trying to fool the public by spreading the message that dialogue was being held with the disgruntle parties, but they have not been serious about it.”