Boer goat farming gains popularity

Chitwan, October 5

With the growing scope of boer goat farming in Nepal, a boer goat breeding centre has been established in Ratnanagar Municipality of Chitwan, after importing boer goats from Australia.

There are a total of 28 boer goats, including billy goats, at the centre. A team of six people from various professions established the farm three months ago.

According to Ramesh Chandra Acharya, one of the owners of the farm, they imported the goats from Australia at the cost of Rs 5.6 million. A goat bears its young ones thrice every two years and the kids can be sold after they become three to six months old.  Another owner of the farm Ashish Bam said they started the centre after they felt there was a huge scope of boer goat farming in Nepal. He said they also planned to rear around a 1,000 goats in the farm.