Lal Bahadur Shah, who is battling with bone marrow cancer, has been left in lurch, as he is left with no means for the treatment of his disease.

Shah, 27, who is a permanent resident of Chaurapati Rural Municipality-1 in Achham district, currently living in Kathmandu is grappling with the fatal disease in absence of money to afford treatment.

The patient had begun his treatment in Delhi. However, due to exorbitant medical expenses, he was forced to come to Kathmandu, where he is under observation at the Civil Service Hospital.

According to the doctors, bone marrow transplant is required in such cases which could cost as much as two million rupees. Shah, on the contrary, has no means to provide the sum.

It has been learnt that the patient's elder brother too had succumbed to brain tumor a few year ago.

The mayor of the municipality, Harka Saud shared that Shah is simply 'awaiting death' in Kathmandu after failing to afford treatment.