Road construction along the Martadi-Kolti road section in Bajura has not started even nine months after the contract was signed.

PS Baniya Construction Service had received the contract nine months ago for the construction of the road, including blacktopping of 26-kilometre stretch from Dhamkane to Kolti along the road section.

The contract was signed with Infrastructure Development Office, Achham, under Sudurpaschim Province Physical Infrastructure Development Ministry. The office had called tender for Rs 98 crore.

Chief of the construction company had signed the contract for Rs 50 crore and 17 lakh. Infrastructure Development Office, Achham, Chief Janga Bahadur Thapa said the contract was signed with the construction company nine months ago.

The construction company was given a deadline of three years. The construction company, at a multi-party meeting held in the District Administration Office a week ago, said that work would start soon.

A local said that the company had stationed a dozer at the construction site a few days ago. Thapa said they had been requesting the contractor to begin the work soon.

Chief District Officer Krishna Gaire said his office would monitor the work progress. He added that it would be difficult to accomplish the work within the stipulated deadline.

For blacktopping the 41- km Martadi-Kolti road section, Rs 1,577,512,000 was allocated. According to the infrastructure office, the federal and province governments allocated the budget for the road.

Around Rs 350,000,000 was spent on blacktopping the 41-km road section earlier too. But it did not last long, it turned muddy and full of puddles within no time.

Vehicle drivers said that the poor condition of the road had put their lives at risk. They said the road section from Martadi to Porakhe was very risky.