Kolti Primary Health Centre in Bajura district has started providing emergency maternity services.

According to the Budhinanda Municipality's health co-ordinator Omjung Shahi, efforts were being made for an extended period of time to initiate emergency maternity care at the health facility, which has eventually been realised.

The service has become available after health professionals from Jumla-based Karnali Academy of Health Sciences were deployed at the primary health centre.

The initiation of emergency maternity services will not only benefit four local levels in Bajura but will also serve denizens of neighbouring Humla and Mugu districts, shared the mayor of the municipality Padam Kumari Giri.

Despite there being a scarcity of required medical equipment at the health facility at present, human resources have been sufficiently made available, according to Kolti Primary Health Centre.

First successful delivery through Caesarean section (C-section) was carried out at the health centre on Friday. Nirmala Chadara, 29, a resident of Khatyad Rural Municipality-10 in Mugu, gave birth through the procedure at the facility, informed the primary health centre.

She had been undergoing labour for three days before she was brought to the centre, where she gave birth by undergoing surgery.

Photo: Prakash Singh/THT
Photo: Prakash Singh/THT