Bridge building in limbo

Siraha, December 26

The construction work on a proposed suspension bridge over the Mainabattikhola in Golbazaar Municipality, Siraha, has yet to start.

Construction of the bridge linking Balakawa and Betauna in the municipality was expected to start three years ago and all necessary materials were procured in time for the purpose. However, construction work has not taken off.

Iron worth millions of rupees to be used in the construction has rusted away and several other materials dumped irresponsibly have been lost. The locals are at the receiving end as the delay is attributed to a dispute between the bridge users’ committee and the District Coordination Committee.

“We’ve prodded the local bridge users’ committee frequently to start the construction process but to no avail,” said overseer Ganga Prasad Yadav of the DCC.

The bridge users’ committee chair Ramdev Yadav blamed the delay on the DCC, which, he said, had not released funds for the project, yet.