Bridge construction over Triyuga in limbo


The under-construction bridge over the Triyuga River is yet to be completed due to inordinate delay and negligence on the part of contractors.

The construction work has not gained momentum even though the deadline was extended for the sixth time. The contractor has not reached the office ever since the amount was released in June-July.

Back in 2010, Chaudandi Municipality-based Mahalaxmi Lokpriya JV had signed the contract to complete construction work within three years. But the bridge has been left in a lurch.

The then site in-charge Pradip Chaudhary said problems occurred as the construction company did not take the matter seriously even though the deadline was extended time and again.

Diktel Road Project said the project cost would increase due to delay in construction work.

DE Gopal Khakurel of the road project said construction of the bridge would have to be completed within four months.

“The contract won’t be extended this time,” he added.

Khakurel said 80 per cent work was completed. He added that construction of the bridge would be completed within four to five months if work was expedited.