Bridge still in limbo after one decade

Jajarkot, December 24

Ten years have passed since its construction started, but the bridge over Bheri River along the Chhinchu-Jajarkot road section is yet to be completed, thanks to the apathy of the concerned authorities.

The bridge that was supposed to complete in two years’ time at most and joins Rakam of Surkhet to Salyan’s Sallibazaar has been in limbo due to the negligence of the contractor.

“We’ve prodded the concerned authorities time and again, but it has yielded no result as the Road Department seems least bothered even though the contractor company has ditched the construction for years,” said Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Jajarkot Chairman Kaman Bahadur Khadka.

Regarding the bridge construction, then Physical and Transportation Minister Bimalendra Nidhi had reached the site about six months ago and taken stock of work progress.

Jayaram Lamichhane, former chairperson of Federation of Nepal Construction Entrepreneurs had won the contract for the bridge way back in fiscal year 2005/06.

In view of the fact that almost no work has been done so far, stakeholders suspect that the 150-metre bridge will be completed in six months time as pledged by contractor citing the need for redesign of the bridge before construction starts.

They have also held government officials supposed to look after the matter responsible for the unusual procrastination.

Meanwhile, it’s the commoners who are at the receiving end of government inaction as thousands of people of Jajarkot, Rukum, Salyan, Surkhet and Dolpa have been facing hardship.

Though there is a ferry that helps vehicles cross the river in normal times, the service halts during monsoon.