Bridges over Karnali River at risk of collapse

Bajura, October 4

Suspension bridges over the Karnali River are facing risk of collapse following incessant rain, landslips and erosion of retaining walls.

Of the many bridges, the bridge at Piluchaur is at high risk as retaining walls on both sides of the bridge are on the verge of collapse.

Agni Shahi, a local, informed that the bridge gets submerged in floodwaters during monsoon. “The erosion at anchor blocks has locals worried,” Shahi said.

According to Prabhuraj Pandey, bridges at Wai Badhu, Gotri Sappata and Rugin Mugu were also in a dilapidated condition. Floodwaters rising above the bridges were affecting people’s movement to Wai, Sappata, Jukot VDCs beyond Karnali in Bajura.

Floods also have posed risk to dozens of other bridges in Bajura. Bridges over Ikadi Gad, Budhiganga, Bajurgad, Guigad, Ghatmuna, Bahuli Khola,Maure, among others, are also at risk of collapse.

Local Puran BK said they were compelled to cross the river through the bridges as they had no other alternative. Dilapidated bridges at the risk of floods and landslides have increased the risk of accidents. Locals accused the authorities concerned of not carrying out regular repairs.

According to Office of District Technicians, there are as many as 65 suspension bridges in the district. Engineer Chakra Thapa at the office said dilapidated bridges were at risk of landslips and floods.