Broader leftist alliance will strengthen democracy: Leader Dahal

POKHARA: The Chairperson of CPN-Maoist Centre Pushpa Kamal Dahal has said the House of Representatives and State Assemblies elections will be held on stipulated time.

He also ensured that upcoming polls will not be deferred on at any pretext, it will be held on time.

"Government committed for holding polls, opposition desire and verdict of Apex court's demanding progress on elections, does not leave any ground to be susceptible towards elections," Dahal said so while addressing a press meet organised by Press Centre Nepal Kaski, on Friday.

Former PM Dahal was optimistic that after House of Representatives and State Assemblies elections will ensure political stability in the nation.

"Elections are important for constitution implementation, political stability and economic prosperity in the nation. We have alerted the government as there is delima among general public regarding holding upcoming polls or not," Dahal shared.

Maoist leader Dahal also clarified that the alliance was not formed against political party, rather it was formed for people, nation and political stability in the country. He also urged the ruling coalition partner Nepali Congress to take the leftist alliance as a natural development process in politics.

"We as well as general public have wished for economic prosperity and development in the nation," adding this alliance has nothing to do with NC. So, NC should not be worried by our broader leftist alliance,". Dahal said.

"All political parties forged consensus on promulgating the constitution, we won't go beyond the statute, leftist alliance would strengthen democracy, majority government would have enough time to proceed developmental efforts," Dahal lamented.

"We won't protest against the government committed for holding elections, it is disheartening that Maoist Ministers have been stripped off portfolios. We would have withdrawal from the government then, but we will resign from coalition after the nominations are filled on December 2. We have remained in the government just to exert pressure for holding polls," Dahal shared.

Meanwhile, Dahal said the alliance has finalised nominations in 32 districts and others district candidates would be finalised within a day or two for the upcoming House of Representatives and State Assemblies elections.