Buddha’s birthplace Tilaurakot sees new excavation

JITPUR, KAPILVASTU: Excavation has begun again to identify the main section of King Suddhodan's Royal Palace in Tilaurakot where Gautam Buddha was brought up.

The Department of Archaeology has started excavation in Tilaurakot of historically important Kapilvastu, for the fourth time starting this week, following the geo-spatial survey in and around the ancient site.

A team of experts is said to undertake the excavation in Tilaurakot and other places associated with Gautam Buddha during the next 55 days.

The rigorous excavation is expected to identify significant parts of the ancient city of Tilaurakot, said Officer at the Department of Archaeology Ram Bahadur Kunwar.

He further shared that excavation will be carried out in two places within the central complex of Tilaurakot Palace, and beside Samayamai Temple.

Earlier, excavation was carried out in the mid-part of Tilaurakot Palace, southern part of the pond, and in Nigradharam Kudan. The Department and Lumbini Development Trust have been carrying out excavation and research in Lumbini and adjoining areas since 2014.

Tilaurakot has been proposed to be included in the list of world heritage sites. The efforts are ongoing to collect necessary evidences and documents to that end.

In the current excavation work, experts from UK's Durham University, Department of Archaeology, Lumbini Development Trust, and students of Tribhuvan University and Lumbini University are being involved.