Budget expenditure of current fiscal not satisfactory in Prov 7

DHANGADHI: Status of expenditure of the partial budget brought by Province 7 government for the current fiscal year has not been satisfactory.

The budget was brought in the first week of Baishakh, of the Nepali calendar, for a period of two and a half months. However, even after the passing of two months the status of expenditure has remained minimum.

The province government had brought in a partial budget of Rs 1.02 billion focusing on studies, research and monitoring activities. The Province Ministry of Economic Affairs and Planning has made public that till date only Rs 122.6 million has been expended from the budget.

Under administrative expenditure, a total of Rs 84.4 million have been expended so far. But the status of development expenditure is even lower at Rs 38.2 million.

The partial budget is expected to be spent within a short period. Province Minister for Economic Affairs and Planning, Jhapat Bohara, said that budget expenditure for the current fiscal year had not been as expected, and there weren't enough mechanisms at present to spend the budget.

Likewise, the province government indicated that the expenditure had not been at par because the government was busy planning the budget for the upcoming fiscal 2075/76 BS. It has already brought a budget of Rs 25.06 billion for the upcoming fiscal on June 15.

Meanwhile, province lawmakers of the opposition have said that partial budget of the current fiscal was introduced without planning and preparing required mechanism, due to which the expenditure have not been satisfactory.