Pokhara, December 13:

Following a dispute between the Prithvi Highway Bus Entrepreneurs’ Committee (PHBEC) and West Nepal Bus Entrepreneurs’ Association (WNBEA) no vehicles were seen plying the Siddhartha Highway today.

Hundreds of passengers were stranded at the Pokhara Bus Park as a result of this.

“The dispute arose because our demand of operating an equal number of buses belonging to PHBEC and WNBEA on the Siddhartha Highway was neglected,” chief of PHBEC in Pokhara, Gyanu KC said.

Section chief at WNBEA office in Pokhara, Dwarika Shrestha, said persons affiliated to PHBEC seized 23 buses belonging to WNBEA and have kept them at Phirke, Pokhara.

PHBEC chairman Shankar Koirala, however, claimed that persons affiliated to WNBEA seized six buses belonging to PHBEC and disrupted regular traffic.

Some 60 buses belonging to PHBEC and WNBEA have permission to ply on this highway.

“The provision is limited only to a dozen queued buses belonging to both committees after which WNBEA forcefully sent more of their buses on the highway,” KC said.

Chairman of WNBEA Tulsiram Banjade has suggested that PHBEC officials solve this problem in an amicable way through talks.

However, PHBEC chairman Koirala demanded that buses on the Siddhartha Highway follow the rule being implemented nationwide.