Bus services return to normal

Bus services return to normal

Himalayan News Service

Nuwakot, April 21

Transportation services that had been disturbed due to Maoist attacks in various parts of the district resumed on Sunday.

Bus services, that usually run along the Kathmandu-Trishuli sector of the Pasang Lhamung way, had been disrupted due to the destruction of Tadi Bridge. But, following the renovation of the bridge, the operations resumed. Using wood and cement, the building materials of the upper level of the bridge, that was set ablaze by the Maoists, were replaced.

Similarly, a telephone terminal tower of Nepal Telecommunication Corporation, operated by martial system and located at Khanigaon Village Development Committee (VDC) of the District, was ruined by the Maoist attack. The Maoists looted telephone sets, batteries and solar panels, which were being stored in the house of the chairman of the VDC, Nirmal Kumar Shrestha.

It is reported that the Maoist rebels also looted all the documents of the VDC after destroying its main office.

Before the incidents took place, Maoists had blocked the Gangate-Dhikure road with trunks of trees at more than fifteen locations, thus disenabling the only route to the VDC from the headquarters of the district. “Maoist terrorists had also tried to destroy a canal near Dhikure, but failed to be successful,” stated Suresh Basnet, District Superintendent Police of the district.

Security personnel, with the support of bus-passengers, removed the tree trunks from along the road and transportation services were thus resumed from noon on Sunday.