Buses to charge Rs 7 per km of distance travelled

Rasuwa, September 13

The bus fares charged by public vehicles plying on the rural roads will now be revised in order to provide access to vehicular facility to the people living in rural parts of the country.

District Administration Office, Rasuwa, Assistant Chief District Officer Deepak KC said a recommendation has been sent to the Transport Management Office to seek temporary permission under the Transport Management Act 1992, Vehicle and Transport Management Rules, 1997 and Directives, 2007 for maintaining seven rupees as bus fare for a kilometre of distance travelled.

The decision was taken during a meeting of the Bus Fare Determination and Recommendation Committee presided over by Chief District Officer Krishna Prasad Adhikari. The meeting was held to determine the fares in 19 different rural motorways in the district. Earlier, bus entrepreneurs had been fixing the fares according to their discretion.

Bus entrepreneurs will now have to get rid of outdated buses, mitigate risk, use qualified drivers, ban roof travel and write the details such as travellers’ names, addresses, public vehicles registration number, and fares charged by revealing the details of the passengers’ departure and destination, according to DAO, Rasuwa.