ACHHAM: A plan to buy an ambulance from the Parliamentarian Development Fund of former lawmaker Sharod Singh Bhandari of Achham constitudency-2 is limited only to a paper for the past three years.

The plan to purchase the ambulance was made in the fiscal year 2011/12 from the Parliamentarian Development Fund.

Though it was said that the ambulance would be brought to the Kamal Bazaar Primary Health Centre to provide facility to the people of eastern part of the district, there is no sign of buying the vehicle yet.

A total of Rs 885,000 was allocated to buy the ambulance.

A committee was also formed to buy the ambulance.

It has been learnt that the committee's Chair Khadka Bhandari and Secretary Dandi Sanjal had registered the ambulance in the name of the Kamal Bazaar Primary Health Centre, without buying and taken the cash from the District Development Committee (DDC).

Jhapat Dhungana, Public Health Officer at the District Health Office, Achham said that they made the documents by hoodwinking the staff.

Sharod Dhungana, accountant at the DDC, said that he gave the money on the basis of the documents of the health centre.

He further added that the money was taken by the Personal Assistant of the lawmaker by showing the documents.

According to the District Health Office, Achham, the committee had also taken a letter for customs exemption document from the DDC to buy the ambulance.

Despite repeated commitment shown by the committee, the ambulance is yet to ply on the road.

Though the DDC gave the money on the basis of the documents of the Primary Health Centre, they failed to present vehicle's billbook and registration papers to an inspection team deployed by the Office of Auditor General.

Dhungana said that they have repeatedly tried to get in touch with the committee, but to no avail.