CA members’ report wants dual fuel pricing

Kathmandu, August 13:

A group of Constituent Assembly members has suggested the Nepal Oil Corporation to import and distribute petrol as per the demand and introduce dual prices for diesel, kerosene and cooking gas to ease the shortage of petroleum products.

The group also suggested the government to waive taxes on these products and to provide NOC enough funds to ensure smooth supply.

Twenty-five Constituent Assembly members from the Nepali Congress prepared a report after studying the persistent shortage of petroleum products. The study report was made public today.

Convener of the study team Nabindra Raj Joshi said the government should introduce relief card for needy groups and quota for the distribution of diesel to vehicles.

"The NOC needs to maintain transparency and enhance delivery of its service to people. It needs complete restructuring. A high-level committee should be formed to probe fuel adulteration and penalise the defaulters," Joshi added.

The lawmakers have also called for the formulation of a petroleum policy and a special action plan to reduce the consumption of fossil fuel. The team also suggested taking initiatives to use hydropower, solar energy and wind power and looking for other ways of reducing dependency on fossil fuel.

The team also pointed out monopoly of the NOC, unequal distribution, growing dependency on fossil fuel, cartel system, artificial shortage, black marketing and non-implementation of the profitable decisions of the past as hurdles in the smooth supply of petroleum products.

The report also identified poor monitoring, inaccurate volumes of the products, scams during price hikes and political interference, among others, as the current problems of fuel distribution.

The lawmakers have also registered a Public Importance Motion in the parliament.

Meanwhile, NOC did not supply fuel to dealers here today. Spokesperson for the NOC Mukunda Dhungel said distribution of fuel to commoners was reduced yesterday as well as NOC supplied only 16 tankers of diesel and petrol to its dealers.