CA poll dates likely today: Serchan

Kathmandu, October 9:

The date for holding elections to a constituent assembly is expected to be announced in the talks, according to Deputy Prime Minister and president of the Janamorcha Nepal, Amik Sherchan.

Sherchan was hopeful that tomorrow’s summit talks would resolve issues related to arms management and interim constitution. “We will be able to take the issues pertaining to arms management of the security forces and the People’s Liberation Army and the interim constitution to a logical end in the summit talks,” he said.

Expressing concern over Janamorcha Nepal’s split initiated by its former central committee member Chitra Bahadur KC, Sherchan urged all parties to join a common front for a democratic republic.

“Our call is open to all political parties including the leftists, Nepali Congress and the Maoists for the creation of new Nepal,” he said at a press meet organised by Janamorcha Nepal. He further said Janamorcha Nepal played an active role in the movement for democracy and certain regressive forces that are pro-monarchy are present in all parties.

“We were very much part of the movement even when such regressive forces supported the King saying his direct rule will prevail,” he said. A statement issued by the Janamorcha said

that the need of the hour is a revolutionary change for which all parties should collectively unite under a common front.