CA polls have a slim chance: RJP

Doubts security will improve • Makes its poll manifesto public

Kathmandu, February 13:

Former Prime Minister and chairman of the Rastriya Janashakti Party (RJP) Surya Bahadur Thapa today expressed doubt over the possibility of the constituent assembly election taking place in the present situation.

“We doubt that the security situation will improve and the election will take place. Let’s hope that the prime minister will be able to take care of everything,” he said, addressing the national conference of district and municipality chairpersons of the RJP.

“Let there be election. But the government should create an environment in which leaders of all parties can launch campaigns across the country without fear,” he demanded, adding that his party will not accept the result of the election if it is held in phases or by using forces.

Thapa criticised the government for being indifferent to demands of the Madeshis and thus “inciting them for bigger agitations”. “We don’t have much time. But I cannot understand why the government and the ministers are refusing to give the Madhesis anything,” he said.

He warned that the election will be in trouble if the government fails to take things under control, adding that this will herald the beginning of disintegration of the country.

He said though the Maoists are talking about the election, they could pose as the main obstruction for the free and fair election. “While delivering speeches, the Maoists pretend to be the strongest supporter of the election, but the election cannot be held by setting fire to a house where leaders shelter or by thrashing leaders on a poll campaign,” he said.

The RJP also made its election manifesto public.

The party has envisioned five fundamental objectives: Autonomous federal political system, neutral election system to address Nepal’s specialities, compulsory representation of the marginalised community, ethnic House, guarantee of political, civic, economic and cultural rights.

The manifesto has also envisaged a federal autonomous state based on democratic principles of check and balance and separation of powers. States will be formed on the basis of natural and geological structures, ethnic, lingual and cultural sensitivity as well as economy resources and administrative situation, the manifesto states.

The manifesto says people should be allowed to make a decision on monarchy without any interference.

It has found differences between the principles and behaviour of the seven-party alliance and their attack on people’s belief has put the interim constitution in peril.

The RJP cannot accept totalitarianism of the Maoists at any cost, the manifesto says, adding that activities of the Maoists after the signing of the 23-point agreement

are against the fundamentals of democracy.