‘CA should remain till demarcation of states’


Senior Nepali Congress leader Sher Bahadur Deuba on Monday said the Constituent Assembly should exist until the demarcation of the Pradeshes is finalised.

“Since consensus among parties on demarcation was not possible, the CA should continue even after promulgation of the constitution,” Deuba said while inaugurating a two-day political training programme organised by Nepal Dalit Association in Lalitpur.

Former Prime Minister Deuba further said the constitution should be promulgated after the Pradeshes were demarcated to address the demands of dissenting parties. He also said political parties were discussing promulgating the constitution with the Pradeshes demarcated.

As per the 16-point agreement among the major parties including NC, UML, UCPN-M and MJF-Democratic, the constitution would be promulgated without the names and demarcation of Pradeshes and the CA would be dissolved as soon as the constitution was promulgated.

The four parties had agreed that the Pradesh Sabha would name their respective Pradeshes and a Federal Commission would be formed to suggest the demarcation of the Pradeshes, which would be endorsed by the Legislature Parliament.