Kathmandu, June 10 The Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration has issued a circular to all local levels, urging them to implement the 21-point recommendation made by the National Inclusion Committee. According to the Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration, it is necessary for local levels to abide by the recommendation and local levels must reflect on implementation of the NIC recommendation in their annual budget, policies and programmes. Implementing the recommendation is necessary to ensure the rights and interests of Khas Arya, backward communities, persons with disabilities, senior citizens, labourers, farmers, minorities and marginalised communities and economically disadvantaged groups, according to NIC. The NIC, in its recommendation, has asked the authorities concerned to come up with necessary policy and legal framework for dignifying the life of needy people, through empowerment. As per the NIC recommendation, all local levels should allocate budget for organising awareness campaigns on Alzheimer’s disease, spinal cord injury, autism and Parkinson’s disease among senior citizens and persons with disabilities. It requires the local levels to arrange free health care for single women, physically and mentally challenged persons, abandoned persons and those in need of protection and care. “Local levels should adopt a policy of bearing health insurance premiums of backward, needy and economically disadvantaged people,” the recommendation reads. Local levels have also been told to establish a museum for collection and exhibition of objects that reflect traditional attire, arts, culture, rituals and lifestyle of Khas Arya, backward people, minorities and marginalised communities. According to the NIC recommendation, local levels should review the grants being distributed to farmers and they should provide the grant amount through banking channels. “Local levels will ensure markets for agricultural products by determining minimum market price and distribution of identity cards to landless farmers. Landless farmers will be provided with barren land for contract farming,” stated the recommendation. Local levels have also been asked to discourage farmers from using pesticides in agriculture, by setting up a mechanism to regulate agro-farming. According to the NIC, local levels should manage a helpline to control domestic and social violence and ensure justice to victims. Operation of skill development and capacity enhancement programmes is necessary for backward, disadvantaged and marginalised communities. Local levels should encourage disabled-friendly public vehicles,equipped with hydraulic-lift or ramp facilities, stated the recommendation.