Call to make Dhankuta capital of Province 1

Dhankuta, December 17

Dhankuta residents staged a demonstration today at Eastern Regional Administration Office, Dhankuta, demanding that Dhankuta be declared the capital of Province 1.

The district dwellers marched around the bazaar areas with musical instruments to garner support for their demand.

Dhankuta Chambers of Commerce and Industry Chairman Umesh Ghimire said strategically and geographically Dhankuta was the most appropriate location for the provincial capital. Since the past three days, Dhankuta Chambers of Commerce and Industry and civil society of the district have become vocal about establishing Dhankuta as the capital of Province 1.

Dhankuta reportedly has adequate physical infrastructure. Dhankuta Municipality has 48,635 ropani land and also can provide around 300 ropani land under the Department of Urban Development and Building Construction.


  • Dang and Dhankuta denizens stage protests demanding provincial capital