Campaign to destroy mosquito larvae kicks off in Banke

Nepalgunj, September 12

Local levels in Banke today started mosquito larvae destruction campaign to prevent the spread of dengue after the virus of this dreaded disease spread across the country, including in Banke.

Daduwa Rural Municipality has started the campaign to destroy mosquito larvae in all wards of the rural municipality. According to the rural municipality, medicines were sprayed to destroy larvae at wards 4, 5 and 6 today. The rural municipality added that office staffers have been spraying the medicine in the remaining wards.

Chief at Department of Health Dhan Bahadur Budha said the team from the local level had reached every ward and sprayed medicines and launched awareness campaign among the locals. He said orientation for locals from the ward level to the rural municipality level had started.

The department said that the interaction among representatives of the rural municipality, people’s representatives, police and the department chief, organisations active in the health sector, among others, would be held at the health office tomorrow. Budha said awareness programme would also be launched in different wards.

People’s representatives, ward-based schools, Mothers Group, Woman Health Volunteers, health workers, local leaders, among others, would be included in the programme. It is believed to be effective as participants will spread awareness in their respective communities after the programme.

Chairman of the rural municipality Narendra Kumar Chaudhary said that Daduwa Rural Municipality was also at high risk of malaria and launched the medicine spraying campaign to destroy mosquito larvae.

“The campaign will be made more effective in every tole as it will help prevent the spread of dengue virus,” he added.