As coronavirus-related deaths mount in the province, different campaigns are being conducted in Sudurpaschim Province on managing oxygen.

Dhangadi sub-metropolis, the provincial headquarters, has set up a welfare fund in this reg

Mayor Nripabahadru Wada has urged all donor agencies and organisations and businessmen to make contributions to the fund, Mayor Welfare Fund, saying the amount will be utilised for the installation of oxygen plants, management of oxygen cylinders and control over the aggressively spreading virus.

Under the same campaign, Dhangadi's businessperson Sanjaya Kumar Chaudhary donated two million rupees to install an oxygen plant. Besides Chauhary, who is a stationer, Nepali Congress leader Arzoo Deuba donated one million rupees for the cause.

Likewise, Chaudhary Foundation is also planning to install an oxygen plant in Dhangadi in partnership with the local government.

The foundation's Chairperson Binod Chaudhary said his foundation had made an integrated plan considering the need of an emergency health mechanism to battle the virus spread.

"We have an agreement with the sub-metropolis related to installation of an oxygen plant.

The plant will have 50 cubic litre capacity, i.e., capable of filling 15,040 litres of cylinders a day," he said.

Similarly, in the wake of increasing deaths caused by shortage of, Rotary Club Dhangadi has started a campaign to purchase oxygen concentrators.

Nawajivan Cooperative of Dhangadi has provided one million rupees to the club in financial assistance for the campaign.

"The assistance was provided to save the lives of COVID patients," said the cooperative's Chair Chakra Bahadur Singh.

Dhangadi's Dinesh Foundation's Chief Shyam Hamal has also donated 500,000 rupees to the Rotary Club's campaign.

Besides, a free oxygen campaign is also under way in the city now. The campaign is being run by Humanity Foundation Nepal. "For the free oxygen campaign for COVID patients, we're getting assistance from various quarters," said the foundation's General Secretary Dirgharaj Upadhyaya. The foundation provides free oxygen to government hospitals in the province.

A version of this article appears in the print on May 18, 2021, of The Himalayan Times.